Karen Shokes Church Secretary
Phyllis Little Director of Music
Tom Schultz Band Director
Craig deBlois Church Treasurer
Jen Morris Pre-School Director

Board Members

Rev. Betty A. Helms (Chair)
Jane Bumgarner (Vice-Chair)
Steve Larsen (Secretary)
Fay Ayers Pat deBlois
Malissa Bumgarner Carolyn McDonald
Margaret Schultz Greg Simpson

Moravian Invitation
Moravian Church Banner

In addition to our pastor, New Hope is served by a large group of members, fully dedicated to Christian discipleship and the ministry of the church. The office administrators, pre-school faculty, house and grounds workers, choir, band, custodians, cooks, and the entire support staff are all members of New Hope. We volunteer our time and talent as stewards of the church, and a large part of New Hope's ministry is spent having a wonderful time alongside one another helping make New Hope Moravian a church which helps the entire community feel God's love and grace. Through our faith, we walk together, working hard within the church and with our neighbors, always seeking to live our faith through the services we provide. Everyone at New Hope is part of the staff and the body of Christ. This helps make us a strong and vibrant church.

Pastor Betty